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The Story Behind The Creation ‘The Future Style Of American Soccer Has Arrived’ During The 2014 Season, The Occidental Tigers Men’s Soccer Team Made A Historic Playoff Run, Leading The League Play In Goals Scored, And Landing A Trio Of Forwards On The NCAA All-SCIAC Team. This Special Season Provided The Foundation For The Creation And Belief In A New Brand Of American Soccer Called Oxy Ball - 90 For 90. Oxy Assistant Coach Josh Ault - 90 For 90 Architect, Partners With Head Coach Rod Lafaurie, And Oxy Assistant Coach Tino Morfin Crafting A Unique Style Of Soccer That Dictates Play, Forcing Opponents To Think About Defense Constantly, Rather Than Plan An Attack. It’s An Attacking Brand Of Soccer At 90 MPH For 90 MIN Of Play; Fun, Fast, Organized, And Entertaining; Like You’ve Just Witnessed The Future Style Of American Soccer Played How It Should Be Played.

“Oxy Ball - 90 For 90”

The New American Game As We Believe

Belief is one of the most underrated superpowers in the world.


  • We must always keep attacking
  • We put the other team on their heels
  • We make dynamic movement on and off the ball
  • We make penetrating runs, shots, passes, and we score goals because of it
  • We are patient to win the ball if needed, and then we drive
  • We play organized, patient soccer, if we don’t see what we want in the attack
  • We put a team under high pressure in their own half
  • We rest when the game is over
  • We encourage a high tempo
  • We train for 90 minutes like it’s a game
  • We are prepared because practices are more intense than the game
  • We focus on quality on the ball over speed, so that our speed on the ball can be increased.
  • There is nothing holding us back other than ourselves, we are blessed more abundantly than we ever dare to dream
  • We play and work as if working for the family
  • We believe in numbers up
  • We believe that we are stronger together as a family
  • We possess because we are waiting to strike
  • We are patient like tigers stalking their prey
  • We strike when we see weakness
  • We chase down what we aim for, and we celebrate our achievements as a family, we know who we are, we have an identity, and that’s makes us dangerous
  • We are significant to each other, we have a role to play within this family, and we encourage each other to do the best we can at all times to achieve the goal
  • We outshoot our opponents
  • We earn more set pieces than our opponents in every game
  • We drive with the ball until they stop us
  • We are mentally tough for 90 MINS
  • We are physically fast for 90 MINS
  • We push the envelope as to how many goals you are supposed to score in a game
  • We make other teams play our style of soccer
  • We accept challenges
  • We sharpen each other, we climb together
  • We don’t underestimate our opponents style, we just believe much more in our own
  • We rise to the occasion
  • We feel most alive under pressure
  • We provide variations in our attack
  • We love to finish crosses
  • We play and attack with a ‘chip on our shoulder’
  • We play and attack with an edge
  • We create chances when least expected
  • We know that great big things can happen when you take care of the little things
  • We play fast, but with control
  • We believe that every goal is significant no matter what it looks like, it’s plus one
  • We celebrate every goal like it’s the first
  • We enjoy victory
  • We are 90 MPH for 90 MIN


    • Noteworthy - 2014 Season

Tod Kawada Scores a Hat Trick In 57 Seconds

Oxy Earns Three PK’s - Sandro Scores 3 PK’s In One Game

Connor Freeman scores 2 goals in 1:00

Oxy Leads SCIAC Conference In Goals Scored - 36

Oxy Lands 3 Forwards On All-SCIAC Team

Tod Kawada (Freshman) NSCAA All Region Team


Medical Waiver Forms:
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Camp Staff includes:Occidental Head Coach Rod Lafaurie, Assistant Coach Josh Ault, Assistant Coach Tino Morfin Goalkeeping Coach Luis Inga, and current Oxy players, plus guest coaches.

 Meals and Lodging: Campers will be provided meals but there will be no lodging

*NOTE: Refunds will not be granted if there is a coach change without notice.

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